Who We Are


Let's shape the future of education together

Who we are

Work is changing.
The economy is rapidly transforming.
We’re innovating education and transforming learning to help people
prepare for the workforce - today and in the future.

Our innovation is powered by the belief that today's workforce cannot be supported by yesterday's education. To be relevant now and in the future, we need to transform learning to create an experience that delivers results.

Our goal is to create as much economic mobility for our students as possible.

We exist to help them better their lives through education.

The interests of our students come first.

If we do a good job serving them, our success follows.

We need to be on the cutting edge of the future of learning and work.

The world is changing rapidly. The education we offer must be relevant and practical. It must provide our customers with the knowledge and skills to prosper in our modern economy.

We must never take success for granted and we must obsess about being better every day.

Our success over the long term depends on our ability to move faster than the disruptive forces around us.

Our people are our most important asset.

We value teamwork and collaboration. We must attract, develop, and retain the best talent.